Company History

Created in March 1993, EG6 is recognized among the leading air conditioning professionals in Morocco. EG6 is an expert in the processing, packaging and fluid transfer used in air-conditioning equipment for new buildings or renovations.

In June 2009, EG6 created a new entity called “EG6 + Fluides SARL” to continuously meet the needs and demand of a growing market.

EG6 is certified ISO 9001-2008 and has the honor to be a detainer of the certificate of qualification and classification (Class 1) in sector 8 issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

In 2015, EG6 successfully completed its first international project with Avorbam comprised of plumbing and air conditioning installations for 15 builfins in Liberville, Gabon.

In 2016, EG6 and EG6 + Fluides merged to become a separate entity named EG6 + Fluides, with the objective to provide an adapted service to its clientele.

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